Let’s talk about:                         Representation. Visibility. Inclusion.

Have you felt?                            Erasure. Shame. Stigma.

Help heal through:                     Identification. Affirmation. Empowerment. 


                                                               I see you.

                                                             I’m listening.



You may feel isolated. Maybe you feel like a floating head, disconnected from your body. Perhaps you feel bad about yourself or have feelings of unworthiness. You want to share your feelings, but it doesn't feel safe to be vulnerable. You're frustrated, overwhelmed, insecure, angry, anxious, or sad. Maybe any or all of the above!

I work within this framework of visibility to address:


  • Bisexuality. Questioning sexuality.

  • Size ism. Diet culture. Internalized fat phobia. Fat stigma.

  • Black men and women's sexuality & embodiment. Objectification, stereotypes, colorism.


I work from a holistic, intersectional approach, recognizing the whole person. This includes acknowledgment and discussion of:

  • Racism

  • White supremacy

  • Patriarchy 

  • Misogyny 

  • Diet culture 

  • Heteronormativity

  • Toxic masculinity

  • Discrimination

  • Access to support

  • Oppressive legacy of sizeism


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