Get to Know Me

I'm a fat, Sicilian/Portuguese queer cis woman. My practice is sex-positive, fat-positive, and weight neutral. I have worked extensively with the Black community, People of Color & LGBTQIA+ community with issues including gender, sexuality, racism, systemic oppression, heteronormativity, internalized fatphobia, and body image. I work through an intersectional feminist and social justice lens. 

I am proud to be a therapist who allows a person to “come as they are” and invite them to get to know themselves on their terms. My goal is to guide, support, and collaborate with my client’s own path of discovery and growth. I am proud to offer a place to talk to those who have been marginalized and oppressed.

I am a licensed marriage & family therapist (LMFT) and a sex therapist. My two master's degrees are in Clinical Psychology and Human Sexuality. I'm a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), and the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). I am in the process of obtaining Sexuality Educator Certification through AASECT, supervised by Dr. Bianca Laureano.